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Warmer Warm White Blinking Faceted C7 LED Replacement Bulb

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Blinking RetrofitReplacement Faceted C7 LED Bulb

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Imaginary Colours' Faceted C7 LEDReplacement Bulbs are cool to the touch virtually unbreakable ratedfor indoor/outdoor use in approved stringers (use your own or purchaseseparately).

LED bulbs are the ideal replacement for your old incandescentbulbs. With energy savings of 85-95% these bulbs are sure to pay forthemselves in just one or two seasons' use!

Imaginary Colours' LED replacement bulbs are superior to allothers we have seen. They are brighter colors are more consistentbulb-to-bulb and overall quality of construction is outstanding. Yoursatisfaction is guaranteed.

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Color Warmer Warm White BulbStyle C7 (same relative size asnightlight** bulb)
Texture faceted Numberof LEDs inside each bulb  ,unknown--probably3
BaseConstruction Nickel-plated brass BaseStyle E12 (aka Candelabra C7Nightlight)
Indooror Outdoor use both BulbConstruction Polycarbonate Plastic
Transformerneeded? No Voltage 120
Wattage less than 1.0* AnticipatedLife 35000 hours***
Manufacturer'sWarranty None stated Ourwarranty 90 days
Note:This is a blinking bulb. The rate of blinking is not adjustable. Use afew bulbs to enhance your display or use a lot to overwhelm youraudience!
Indoor/Outdooruse in approved stringer or fixture

*Manufacturer claims .96 watts per bulb. However ourtesting using a consumer-oriented meter (Kill-A-Watt) indicates thatapproximately seven bulbs (mixed colors) ,will consume one wattof power at ~120 volts. Additionally your wattage will vary withvoltage. I.E. if your power is 110 volts you will use fewer watts.
**This item is not recommended for a night lightbecause it blinks and would be annoying. However it would make apretty sweet April Fools gag! It will work on a standard on/off nightlight. It will not work on the dimming night lights.
***This is our guess. The manufacturer does not statean anticipated lifetime. A raw LED's estimated lifespan is 100000hours. These three-LED composite bulbs may last that long or longerbut we do not know so we have conservatively estimated a 35000 hourlifespan. ,
NOTE: Standard LED Replacementbulbs ,are ,not dimmable with computerized displayoutfits (e.g. Light-O-RamaAnimated Lighting etc.). If you dim the bulbs on such a system theywill fail prematurely. ,Blinking is OK. Just don't dim them.
Clickto see our NEW dimmable bulbs. ,
The video below shows you an RGB color-changing aRed-Blue blinker and a Cool White Blinker bulb. This ad is for aWarmer Warm White blinker bulb (not shown in video).