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Warm White, Batt-Op 10-LEDs

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Warm White Battery Operated M5 10-LED Light String

This item's enclosed instruction sheet says that this set has an automatic timer which keeps the set on for 8 hours then off for 16 hours. Our test of two sets showed that the timer didn't work (the light sets stayed on and did not turn off at all). Your set's timer may or may not work.


10 LEDs (Warm White)
M5 bulb shape
Faceted texture
Indoor/outdoor rated
Permanent non-replaceable LED bulbs
Requires 1, 9v alkaline battery, not included
You need a little phillips screwdriver to replace the battery. There are five screws, but the instructions say there are two.
Green cord
Lighted length: approx. 5 ft
Bulb spacing: approx. 6 in
15 lead cord (between battery box and first bulb)
Does not connect end-to-end