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Red, White and Blue 12 Volt Wide Angle 20-Bulb LED Light String w/15ft Extension Cord and Cigarette Lighter Adapter

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These technologically advanced light emitting diode (LED) holiday lights use 90% less energy than incandescent 12-volt lights of comparable size.

You can connect these lights to a 12v battery or via 12 volt AC or DC transformer. If you use a 12 volt AC adapter, they will operate like standard 120 volt LED lights with a 60 Hz flicker. Using a DC transformer causes no flicker at all.

They are the safest holiday lights on the market - constructed of solid flameproof epoxy plastic and are virtually indestructible. Additionally, they operate much cooler than conventional lights - about 1 degree above room temperature, making them safer to use either indoors or out.

This set is designed to operate on 12 volts DC power and is thus suitable for your car, boat, camper, RV or customized use.

The sets connect end-to-end, and each set comes with a long 15' extension cord and cigar lighter adapter.

If your boat or RV has 110-120 volt AC power, we suggest you buy the regular household LED lights strings. Likewise, if you run a Power Inverter, you will save money buy purchasing the standard 120 volt strings.

Up to (approximately) five strings can be connected end to end before the bulbs start to dim due to the voltage drop. This is because you can only connect so many in series. However, you can connect these lights to your battery as many times as you like and power won't be a problem. This will also prevent voltage-drop dimming because these would be parallel connections.

If one bulb becomes inoperable the other bulbs will continue to light.

These light sets are guaranteed by the manufacturer for three years.

SPECIFICATIONS (Subject to change):

High-Quality Bright LED bulbs
Bulb Color: Red, White, Blue
Lighted length: 6.3 ft
Lead/Tail Length: 4 in/ 4 in
Total Length: 7.0 ft (plus 15 ft extension cord, which is detachable)
Wire Gauge: 22
Sealed or Removable bulbs: Sealed
Bulb Style: Wide Angle
Bulb Spacing: 4 in
End-to-end: Yes
Piggyback (stacking) Plug: No
Cord Color: Green
Controller Functions: No
Voltage: 12 vdc
Amp Draw: .056 for one string but .119 for six strings end-to-end (this is approximate. We tested six multi-colored sets but the result should be similar).
Watts: .672 for one string but 1.428 for six strings end-to-end (this is approximate. We tested six multi-colored sets but the result should be similar).
Indoor/Outdoor: Yes
Packaging: Polybag
Manufacturer's Warranty: 3 Years, Limited
Included: Detachable 15 ft extension cord with cigarette lighter adapter.