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Red C7 Faceted LED Replacement Bulb

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Retrofit Replacement Faceted LED Bulb

Red Faceted C7 LED Replacement Bulbs are cool to the touch virtually unbreakable rated for indoor/outdoor use in approved stringers (use your own or purchase separately).

LED bulbs are the ideal replacement for your old incandescent bulbs. With energy savings of 85-95% these bulbs are sure to pay for themselves in just one or two seasons' use!

* No transformer needed
* Less than one watt power consumption per bulb
* E12 candelabra base (standard for C7-size bulbs)
* Same size as a nightlight bulb
* Nickel plated brass base (not cheap and troublesome aluminum)
* Thick Plastic lens--very durable and no risk of broken glass
* Indoor/Outdoor use in approved stringer or fixture
* Rated LED life 100000 hours
* Each C7 bulb contains 3 LEDs
* Non-fading. The color of light emitted is created by the LED not the color of the bulb.

NOTE: Standard LED Replacementbulbs ,are ,not dimmable with computerized displayoutfits (e.g. Light-O-RamaAnimated Lighting etc.). If you dim the bulbs on such a system theywill fail prematurely. ,Blinking is OK. Just don't dim them.
NEW dimmable bulbs are coming in October 2009! Contact us toorder.

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