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Rainbow Multi Battery-operated LED light string w/white cord

$18.00 $12.06

Rainbow Multi Battery-Operated LED Light String

Imaginary Colours brings you our very own battery-operated LED lightstring in Rainbow Colors!

The lights are bright and have a wonderful rich color. WHITEcord. Rated for indoor use, but should be OK outdoors in dryconditions.

We have tested this string with various brands of batteries. Scrolldown for details.

Discount available: We offer 10% discount for 12+ of a singleproduct. You will also save money on shipping. Email us for details, orjust put your order through and we will adjust your total for youmanually.

Note: We also have 4-color Multi (excludes purple). See item#ICBOMulti??

Item Code ??ICBORainMulti Description ??Multi-Colors w/purple Battery-Operated LEDLight String
Specs ?? ?? ??allspecs are approximate ??
?? ?? ?? ?? ??
Lightedlength ??6.67' ?? Wiregauge ??26
Lead/Taillength ??2'/0' ?? LEDor Incand. LED
Total length ??8.67' ?? Sealedor Remov. bulbs ??Sealed
Bulb style ??5mmwide angle ?? Bulbcolor Multi-Colors,Red, Amber (yellow, gold), Green, Blue, Purple (could be considered hotpink)
Bulb spacing ??4" ?? Colorsequence ??
end-to-end ??N ?? Numberof bulbs ??20
piggyback N ?? ??CordColor White??
cord color Wh ?? Controllerfunctions N
Voltage 4.5 vdc ?? AmpDraw @ volts ??
Watts @volts ?? ?? Indoor/Outdoor ??I/Odry location
Packaging(Box, Bag, None) ??bag ?? ??Batteriesrequired ??3,AA,??non-rechargeable, alkaline preferred??
Mfr.Warranty ??90days ?? ?? ??
Notes: ??Do not use rechargeables (rechargeable AA batteries will not fitexactly right and may cause erratic operation).
Clickto read Legend ??
BatteryLife Test Results--we tested several brands of batteries inmany of our batt-op LED light strings. Click to read the conclusions ofour testing.