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Pink Cherry Blossoms 25-LED Light String 8-inch Spacing

$22.00 $18.70

This product is flying out the door. Pink Cherry Blossoms LED Light String

The flower blossoms are clear and colorless until you plug this set in. Then they light up like pink crystal and are simply stunning! EVERYONE has loved these lights!

You may also remove the blossoms and have a regular M5 mini set of pink LED lights.

The blossoms are pliable vinyl so they won't shatter and since they're removable you can wash them when they get dusty.

Use in your dorm room or for parties floral decor wrap it in tree branches etc. etc. The list is endless!

Please send us your photos of your best use of these lights!

Specs (approx.):
25 LED bulbs pink color
120 volts AC
Green cord
8 Spacing
16' 8 lighted length
Uses <1 watt of power>
Draws 0.01 amp.
End-to-end plugs
Piggyback (stacking) plug
3-Year Limited Warranty