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With Sparkle Cool White Mini Snowfall LED Light Set, 12 Tubes on WHITE CORD

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Look for the No-sparkle ones, or the Warm White with sparkle.

Mini Snowfall Tubes

Watch the video to see how they work!

The LED lights "fall" down the tubes and fade away until they reach the bottom. The bottom LED brightly flashes and twinkles then goes out, awaiting the next line of light to fall.

These are small versions of the large tubes seen elsewhere on our site.However, they are smaller tubes, only 7.5" long and 1/2" diameter. Theyare perfect for your indoor or outdoor tree or roofline.

The set is sold complete, ready to plug in! Nothing extra is needed.

The tubes are about 19" apart, and there are 12 tubes per string. Thus, from the first to the last tube the length is approx. 17 ft.

There's a lead cord length of about 8". There is a detachable extension cord of about 6'9". The cord on the transformer is about 3'8" (so you have over 10' of lead cord if you want it).

The tail cord is about 8" and has a matching plug on it so you can connect another set of lights (or the 6'9" extension cord) to it.

Included in the set are:

12 snowfall tubes:
?????? Choose Green or White cord
?????? Clear tubes
?????? 20 bright, cool white LEDs per tube (10 on each side)
?????? Tube length: 7.5"
?????? Tube diameter: 1/2"
?????? Lighted length inside tube: 5 1/4"
Tube spacing: 19"
Connect up to two sets end-to-end on one transformer
Plugs into household 120v outlet
?????? Power Transformer included
Note: Tubes cannot be removed and changed with other colors.
Rated for indoor or outdoor use

Limited supply available!