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G25 Green LED light string

$18.00 $15.30

These technologically advanced light emitting diode (LED) holiday lights use 80-90% less energy than conventional mini-lights and will burn for years of seasonal use.

They are the safest holiday lights on the market - constructed of solid flameproof epoxy plastic and are virtually indestructible.

Additionally, they operate much cooler than conventional lights - about 1 degree above room temperature, making them safer to use either indoors or out.

As an example of their energy-efficiency, up to 150 (one hundred fifty) strings can be connected end to end.

If one bulb becomes inoperable the other bulbs will continue to light. These light sets are guaranteed by the manufacturer for three years.

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IMPORTANT: Each LED bulb is manufactured individually, so some variance in color is to be expected. If you have questions, contact us before you order, so you're sure to get what you're expecting.

Bulbs per string: 25 Bulbs
Bulb style: G25 (1" Globe Style)
Length per string: Approximately 12 Feet
Color of wire: Green
Color of bulb: Green
Spacing: 6 inches
Lead: 3 inches
Tail: 3 inches
Indoor/Outdoor: Both
Grade: Standard
End-to-end: Yes
Need anything else to run: No