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<font color=red>Case of 12</font> Purple battery-operated 20-LED light string on black cord

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This ad is for ONE DOZEN Purple battery-operated20-LED ,Light Strings on black wire at a 20% case-discount price!

These LED light sets are made especially for your Halloweendecorating,but will serve you for a hundred other uses including weddings,parties, florals, theater, costumes, safety lights, performance art, orBurning Man. One you have these lights you will find yourself usingthem for all kinds of things!.

We have not tested battery life in this set, but based onsimilar sets, it should run at least 20 hours and more likely 80 ormore hours on our Eunicell, Ray-O-Vac, or DuraCell batteries.

If you need AA batteries, be sure to lookhere.

These purple LED lights are bright and have a ,richcolor, almost ultraviolet (UV). Purple is a difficult color tophotograph so the photo you see may not indicate their true color. Theyare purple though. These lights will actually make certain colorsfluoresce. BLACK cord &, battery box.Rated for indoor use, but should be OK outdoors in dry conditions.

Specs  ,  ,  ,allspecs are approximate  ,
 ,  ,  ,  ,  ,
Lightedlength  ,6'  , Wiregauge  ,26
Lead/Taillength  ,13"/0"  , LEDor Incand. LED
Total length  ,8.67'  , Sealedor Remov. bulbs  ,Sealed
Bulb style  ,3mm wide angle  , Bulbcolor Purple
Bulb spacing  ,3.75"  , Colorsequence  ,NA
end-to-end  ,N  , Numberof bulbs  ,20
piggyback N  ,  ,CordColor Black ,

 , Controllerfunctions N
Voltage 4.5 vdc  , AmpDraw @ volts  ,
Watts @volts  ,  , Indoor/Outdoor  ,I/Odry location
Packaging(Box, Bag, None)  ,blisterhang card  ,  ,Batteriesrequired  ,3,AA, ,non-rechargeable, alkaline preferred ,
Mfr.Warranty  ,none  ,  ,  ,
Notes:  ,Do not use rechargeables (rechargeable AA batteries will not fitexactly right and may cause erratic operation).
Clickto read Legend  ,
BatteryLife Test Results--we tested several brands of batteries inmany of our batt-op LED light strings. Click to read the conclusions ofour testing.