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Cool White, Blizzard Animated LED light set, 20" tubes

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Snowfall Blizzard Light Tubes, Cool White

You can power this set with either 120 volts with a transformer, or power it with a 12 volt dc battery!

This LED light set is hard to describe, so please watch the videobelow. In essence, this is an "icicles" type light set, in that it ismeant to be hung from a horizontal surface like a roof gutter line ortree branches. There are many LEDs on each "drop" and the LEDs "chase"each other to the bottom of each drop. The LEDs are in a straight lineand enclosed in a weatherproof tube. This creates a very unique displaywhich will surely dazzle your neighbors.
There are five drops per set, and each drop is about??0.5 meter(20inches) long. There are 64 LEDs on each drop.

You may order with 8" spacing or 24" spacing between drops.Make yourselection above. Scroll to the bottom to add to basket (I know, doesn'tmake sense but I didn't write the software).

HINT: If you want something other than 8" or 24" spacing, considerthese ideas:
For 16" spacing, buy an extra 8" spacing harness, then connect yourtubes, skipping every other drop.
For 12" spacing, either??double-back the harness on one set(for a total of five tubes) or buy an add-on set of tubeswith??24" spacing??and install it overlapping theexisting harness (for a total of 10 tubes).

??Scroll down below the video to read this item's specs.

Specifications ?? ?? ??All specs areapproximate
Click theunderlined links for more information. Each link opens in a new windowso??you don't lose your place. ??
Horizontallighted length (first to last drop)* 32"or 96" Powercord length 5'
Drop length 20"
?? Wire gauge 22
Leadlength 4" ?? LED or Incand. LED
Taillength 4" SwappableColors no
Drop Spacing 8" or 24" Number of Drops 5
Totalhorizontal length 48" or 104"
?? Sealed or Remov. bulbs Sealed
Bulb style (Clickfor Styles) NA ?? Bulb color Cool White
Bulbspacing, inches NA ?? Color sequence NA
BulbTexture NA
end-to-end Yes--up to 10 sets ?? Number of bulbs 320
piggyback (stacking) plug No ?? Transformer needed
Yes, included
Cord color black
?? Controller functions Pre-Set, non-adjustable
LineVoltage/Transformed voltage 120 vac / 12 vdc ?? Amp Draw @ volts
Watts @volts
?? Indoor/Outdoor Y
Half-or Full-waverectified TBA
Packaging(Box, Polybag, None, Varies) V ?? UL and/or CSA Y
BrandName unbranded
SatisfactionGuarantee 10Days??
Mfr.Warranty 1 year ?? Our Warranty ??
Notes: *You can order 8" spacing or24" spacing which will result in differing lighted lengths. You canalso change lighted length by using an additional harness. Read theHINT paragraph above.

Other Specs ??The following statements aregenerally true for all LED Light Strings
As ageneral rule, LED Lights use 90% less energy than incandescents
LEDbulbs last years longer than incandescents.
Ifone bulb goes out, the rest stay lit.
LEDbulbs are cool to the touch
LEDsare non-fading. Even when left out in the sun.
??Click for Legend

IMPORTANT: Each LED bulb is manufactured individually, so somevariance in color is to be expected. If you have questions, contact us before you order, so you're sure to get what you'reexpecting.

*Underwriter's Laboratories (UL) recommends that up to 210watts may be connected end-to-end