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Cool White Battery-Operated Wide Angle 20-LED Light String on Green Cord

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Battery-Operated LED Light String

This light string is perfect for projects that are not close to anelectrical outlet. This is wonderful for wreaths, table trees, andother decorativeprojects or even to wear for Halloween safety or parties.Many people have used our battery-operated lights in costumes forparties and theater.

The lens has a wide angle that makes the light much more visible thanwith the common Focused-beam Dome style LEDs.The lights are ,bright and won't disappoint you.

Note that LED cool white is not like incandescent clear bulbs! LED coolwhite is a bluish white, much like a fluorescent bulb compares to alight bulb. ,For LEDs that look warmer white, similar toincandescent "clear" bulbs, do a Search for our Warm White items.

Rated for indoor use, but should be OK outdoors in dryconditions.

We have tested many battery-operated devices with various brands ofbatteries. Scrolldown for details.

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Item Code  ,BO808205CW Description  ,Cool White Battery-Operated Wide Angle 20-LEDLight String on Green Cord
Specs  ,  ,  ,allspecs are approximate  ,
 ,  ,  ,  ,  ,
Lightedlength  ,6.67'  , Wiregauge  ,26
Lead/Taillength  ,1'/0'  , LEDor Incand. LED
Total length  ,7.67'  , Sealedor Remov. bulbs  ,Sealed
Bulb style  ,5mmwide angle  , Bulbcolor CoolWhite
Bulb spacing  ,4"  , Colorsequence  ,NA
end-to-end  ,N  , Numberof bulbs  ,20
piggyback N  ,  ,CordColor Green

 , Controllerfunctions N
Voltage 4.5 vdc  , AmpDraw @ volts  ,
Watts @volts  ,  , Indoor/Outdoor  ,I/Odry location*
Packaging(Box, Bag, None)  ,hangcard  ,  ,Batteriesrequired (not included)  ,3,AA, ,non-rechargeable, alkaline preferred ,
Mfr.Warranty  ,90days  ,  ,  ,
Notes:  ,Do not use rechargeables (rechargeable AA batteries will not fitexactly right and may cause erratic operation).
*manufacturer lists this item as Indoor Use Only. However, our ownexperience shows that it can be used outdoors in dry conditions withoutproblems.
Clickto read Legend  ,
BatteryLife Test Results--we tested several brands of batteries inmany of our batt-op LED light strings. Click to read the conclusions ofour testing.