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Cool White Battery Operated LED Light String w/white cord

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Cool White Battery-Operated LED Light String on White cord

Imaginary Colours brings you our very own battery-operated LED light string in Cool White with a white cord!

The lights are bright and have a wonderful rich color. WHITE cord. Rated for indoor use, but should be OK outdoors in dry conditions.
Quality batteries (non-rechargeable) should run the lights 20 hours or more.

We have tested similar strings with brand-new Duracell ProCell batteries.
What we did was put three new ProCell batteries in the warm white set and watched the set 'til it got noticeably dim. Our test started at 12:30 pm on 8-17-7 and it's still going strong as of 10.00 pm on 8-19-7.

So I can safely say that this string will look good for 56 hours or more!

Incidentally, we also tested our 4-color Multi (50+ hours), Multi w/purple (50+ hours), Warm White (56+ hours and still going strong as of this writing), Blue (56+ hours and still going strong as of this writing).

Discount available: We offer 10% discount for 12+ of a single product. Check our Cheaper by the Case link. If the item you want in quantity is not listed, please email us and we'll give you the applicable discount.Cool White color (this is a snowy, slightly bluish, white)

Note: We also have 4-color Multi (excludes purple). See item #ICBOMulti
We also have Cool White on Green cord, Item #808205And Warm White on White or Green cord, Items #ICBOWmWht and #BOWarmWhtRequires 3AA batteries (not included)
Do not use rechargeables (rechargeable AA batteries are slightly fatter than alkaline batteries and will not fit exactly right and may cause erratic operation).
Cheap batteries will run these lights probably about 10-20 hours.

??ICBOCoolDescription??Cool White Battery Operated LED Light String w/white cord
Specs??????all specs are approximate??
Lighted length??6.67'??Wire gauge??26
Lead/Tail length??2'/0'??LED or Incand.LED
Total length??8.67'??Sealed or Remov. bulbs??S
Bulb style??5mm wide angle??Bulb colorCool White
Bulb spacing??4""??Color sequence??
end-to-end??N??Number of bulbs??20
cord colorWh??Controller functionsN
Voltage4.5 vdc??Amp Draw @ volts??
Watts @ volts????Indoor/Outdoor??I/O dry location
Packaging (Box, Bag, None)??bag??????
Mfr. Warranty??90 days??????
AAmber (aka Yellow, Gold, Candlelight, "Antique Candlelight)??PuPurple
OOrange??LPuLight Purple
BBlue??CWCool White (bright, sometimes bluish, white) Note: "There are many shades of Cool White which vary by mfr.
GPure Green (Christmas)??WWWarm White (creamy or yellowy white) Note: There "are many shades of Warm White which vary by mfr.
CGCitrus Green (Limepeel)??????