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ColorWave Color-Changing Blue-to-Cool White M5 LED Light String

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ColorWave Amazing LED light set changes colors by blending, not blinking!

New-technology lighting from Forever Bright contains two LEDs per bulb. The colors change gracefully from blue through the entire range of colors to warm white then back again.

Imagine if you could turn on two light bulbs--one blue, one cool white--and control their intensity. Think of the wide magical range of colors you'd see. You'd see a wide range of blues fading to whites.

Well, we've brought you that magic in our NEW ColorWave light strings!

Other info: These technologically advanced light emitting diode (LED) holiday lights use 80-90% less energy than conventional mini-lights and are anticipated to burn for 20+ years of continuous use. They are the safest holiday lights on the market - constructed of solid flameproof epoxy plastic and are virtually indestructible. Additionally, they operate much cooler than conventional lights - about 1 degree above room temperature, making them safer to use either indoors or out.

Up to twenty strings can be connected end to end.* If one bulb becomes inoperable the other bulbs will continue to light. These light sets are guaranteed by the manufacture for life.

These lights are built with patented circuitry to maximize efficiency. This revolutionary design concept eliminates the use of traditional components that add to cost and generate heat. In essence the circuitry allows the LEDs to flash on and off with AC power. Like a television set, the flashing occurs sixty times per second and is invisible to the eye. By flashing the LEDs on and off this way, the circuit can be made at least twice as efficient as is possible with traditional LED circuitry. Therefore, the lifetime of these bulbs is rated at 200,000 hours or more than 20 years of continuous use and much longer if just used seasonally.

*Underwriter's Laboratories recommends that only 3 sets be connected end-to-end.

Bulbs per string: 35 bulbs
Bulb style: M5 Mini
Length per string: Approximately 12 feet
Color of wire: Green
Color of bulb: Color Changing Blue-to-Cool White
Lead: 6 inches
Tail: 6 inches
Indoor/Outdoor: Both
Grade: Standard
End-to-end: Yes
Need anything else to run: No