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Color Your Rainbow LED Light String 100 Wide Angle Bulbs Richwave

$94.00 $74.00

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Color Your Rainbow LED Light String features 100 color-changing wide angle bulbs. Each bulb contains three LEDs: Red, Green, and Blue. Using the remote control (sold separately--see Item #CYR-Rem), you can change the colors of the LEDs to one of the following: Red, Amber, Green, Blue, Multi, Pink, Purple, Bright White. Additionally, you can choose from these six functions: Steady On, Twinkling, Dancing Firefly, Slow Twinkle, Flashing, Chasing. There are two bonus color-changing functions: Color-Changing, Slow-fading.

You need one set of lights and one remote to get started. To add more lights, you don't need to buy another remote. One remote powers up to eight light strings!

100 LED bulbs
3 LEDs inside each bulb
Multiple light strings can be synchronized
4" spacing
33 ft lighted length
Indoor/Outdoor rated
Plugs into standard 120v household outlet
Uses only 9 watts of power
Piggyback (stacking) plug
End-to-end plug
Your first set requires Remote (Item# CYR-Rem) sold separately