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Color Changing Ice Crystal LED Light String

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Color-Changing Ice Crystal Drops LED light string

This has been one of our top-sellers for several years!

Twenty C7-size bulbs in the shape of icicles but not long skinny icicles. Rather imagine water dripping onto a pinecone and freezing til the pinecone was covered in ice.

Specs are at the bottom of this page.

??GL408CCDescription??Color-Changing LED Ice Crystals Light String
Lighted length??Sealed or Remov. bulbs??sealed
Bulb style??C7 Ice crystal??Bulb color??color changing
Bulb spacing??8??Color sequence??random color-changing
cord color??Green??Controller functionsN
Voltage120 vac??Amp Draw @ volts??.032a@120v
Watts @ volts??3.7w@120v??Indoor/Outdoor??Y
Packaging (Box Bag None)??Bag??????
Mfr. Warranty??none stated??????
Notes:??When first plugged in the bulbs are all synchronized. After a few minutes though they are random. This is one of my favorite sets.
AAmber (aka Yellow Gold Candlelight Antique Candlelight)??PuPurple
OOrange??LPuLight Purple
BBlue??CWCool White (bright sometimes bluish white) Note: There are many shades of Cool White which vary by mfr.
GPure Green (Christmas)??WWWarm White (creamy or yellowy white) Note: There are many shades of Warm White which vary by mfr.
CGCitrus Green (Limepeel)??????