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Color-Changing Foam Light Stick

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See video below!

This is a really awesome RGB Color-Changing light stick which has about, oh, a million uses!

It contains red, green, and blue LEDs to give you a whole rainbow of colors and combinations.

The light stick is lightweight, durable foam with the lights and batteries inside. It is rigid enough to stand up on its own, but soft enough to throw indoors or whack your friend on the head.

It is approx. 16 inches long and 1.5 inches in diameter (it is a cylinder shape).

The stick is white when turned off. It has several functions, each one activated by a successive click of a button:
1. Hyper strobing of all colors. Makes it look like it is flashing nearly a white light if the stick is stationary. However, as soon as you move it, the colors magically separate and you can see bands of red, green, and blue.
2. Smooth color-changing. This gives a soothing blend of all the colors of the rainbow including the transitional ones.
3. Steady Pink or Purple (depends on how you see it)
4. Flashing Red
5. Flashing Blue
6. Flashing Green
7. Off