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Blue 12" LED Blizzard Tube Animated Snowfall Light on WHITE CORD

$29.00 $24.65

You can power this set with either 120 volts with a transformer, or power it with a 12 volt dc battery!

Snowfall Light Tubes, Cool White (also available in Red, Green, Blue,Orange and Purple. Contact us to special-order any of these alternatecolors.)

IMPORTANT! This ad is for onepart of a set which you customize yourself. Read thisnotice so you understand how to order this product.

At minimum, you must have one of each of the following:
  1. Transformer
  2. Snowfall tube
NOTE: You do not need a separate wiring harness.

Youcan add up to twenty mixed sizes and colors. This LED light set is hardto describe, so please watch the videobelow. In essence, this is an "icicles" type light set, in that it ismeant to be hung from a horizontal surface like a roof gutter line ortree branches (however, don't be afraid to use your imagination thenupload your video and send us the link). There are many LEDs on each"drop" and the LEDs "chase"each other to the bottom of each drop. The LEDs are in a straight lineand enclosed in a weatherproof tube. This creates a very unique displaywhich will surely dazzle your neighbors.

Scroll down below the video to read this item's specs.


All specs are approximate and may change without notice
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TubeLength 12"(30 cm) Powercord length, wall plug-to-transformer* 6ft
NOTE: Each tube comes with two cordsattached: which allow you to connect the tubes end-to-end

Power cord length,transformer* to a tube's "In" cord 1 ft
"In" cord length 2 ft
LED or Incand. LED
"Out"cord length 2ft One-or Two-Sided Two
Spacing between tubes** up to 4 ft

Sealed or Remov. bulbs Sealed
Bulb style (Click for Styles) wide angle
Bulb color Blue
Bulb spacing, inches 1"
Color sequence NA

end-to-end Yes--up to 20 tubes***
Number of LEDs 30 (15 per side)
piggyback (stacking) plug No
Transformer needed
Yes, sold separately*
Cord color green

Controller functions Pre-Set, non-adjustable
Voltage 120 vac reduced to 12v dc    Amp Draw @ volts