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90" LED Christmas Tree by Pacconi Classics

$350.00 $297.50

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This is a very nice LED-lighted tree by Pacconi. The photo is of the actual item for sale and is not a manufacturer's stock photo. In fact, that's our boss, Tom standing there next to the tree. He's 5'9" tall so you can see this tree will fit your house very nicely. This tree is not a big-box-store variety that looks cheap and plastic, and it's not hard to set up (it took Tom about 10-15 minutes is all--of course he got lots of quizzical stares from people driving by watching a man set up a Christmas tree on a Summer night). This is a very good price on an above-average tree. As you can see, there are hundreds and hundreds of LED lights on it, and they are well-spaced so the tree looks full, and not splotchy.
Use this tree as it is, or enhance it with your own decorations.