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4-Channel Chase Controller, 3 amp


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Four-Channel Chase Controller for LED and Incandescent Lights

3 amps 360 watts per channel UL Approved 120 Volts AC Non-grounded, polarized 2 Wire Plug Lead 12" long Channel wires each 12" long Compact 3" x 5" x 1.5" Plastic Case with screw holes. Made in USA Indoor use, or outdoor in a weatherproof container. Be sure to allow for air circulation to prevent overheating. This chase controller directs power to each of the channels in sequence, turning each channel on and off so that no two are on simultaneously. By staggering four strings of lights together, you can create a chasing effect, like you see on old-time theater marquees. With the speed control knob, you can make the chase faster or slower depending on what you prefer. NOTE: Chasing controllers won't make a single, non-chasing, string of lights chase. It will make each channel chase after the other, so anything you have plugged into each channel will turn on and off like a light switch.