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25-Pack Multi Dimmable Faceted C7 LED Replacement Bulb 5 each of (ROABG)

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NEW!Dimmable 25-Pack
Retrofit Replacement??LED Bulb--scroll down for specs Imaginary Colours' Dimmable LED Replacement Bulbs are cool to the touch virtually unbreakable rated for indoor/outdoor use in approved stringers (use your own or purchase separately).

LED bulbs are the ideal replacement for your old incandescent bulbs. With energy savings of 85-95% these bulbs are sure to pay for themselves in just one or two seasons' use!

Imaginary Colours' LED replacement bulbs are superior to all others we have seen. They are brighter colors are more consistent bulb-to-bulb and overall quality of construction is outstanding. Your satisfaction is guaranteed.

Buy in quantity and save!