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25-pack Blue Dimmable Faceted C9 LED Bulb

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nRetrofit Replacement??LED Bulb--scroll down for specsn Imaginary Colours' Dimmable LEDnReplacement Bulbs are cool to the touch, virtually unbreakable, ratednfor indoor/outdoor use in approved stringers (use your own, or purchasenseparately).n
nLED bulbs are the ideal replacement for your old incandescentnbulbs. With energy savings of 85-95%, these bulbs are sure to pay fornthemselves in just one or two seasons' use!n
nImaginary Colours' LED replacement bulbs are superior to allnothers we have seen. They are brighter, colors are more consistentnbulb-to-bulb, and overall quality of construction is outstanding. Yournsatisfaction is guaranteed.n

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Dimmable ornNon-DimmableDimmable
TexturefacetedNumbernof LEDs inside each bulb5
BasenConstructionNickel-platednbrassBasenStyleE17,n(aka Intermediate, C9)
Indoornor Outdoor usebothBulbnConstructionPolycarbonatenPlastic
Wattageless than 1.0*AnticipatednLife35,000 hours***
Manufacturer'snWarrantyNoneOurnwarranty90 days
Indoor/Outdoornuse in approved stringer or fixture
Non-fading.nThe color of light emitted is created by the LED, not the color of thenbulb
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*Manufacturernclaims .96 watts per bulb. However, ourntesting, using a consumer-oriented meter (Kill-A-Watt), indicates thatnapproximately seven bulbs (mixed colors)??will consume one wattnof power at ~120 volts. Additionally, your wattage will vary withnvoltage. I.E. if your power is 110 volts, you will use fewer watts.
**This itemnwill work on a standard on/off nightnlight. It will probably??work on the dimming night lights butnwe have not tested this yet.
***This is ournguess. The manufacturer does not statenan anticipated lifetime. A raw LED's estimated lifespan is 100,000nhours. These three-LED composite bulbs may last that long or longer,nbut we do not know, so we have conservatively estimated a 35,000 hournlifespan.??
NOTE:??Thisnis a NEW dimmable LEDnbulb!??