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100-Pack Slow-Color Changing Faceted C7 LED Replacement Bulb

$225.00 $191.25

Retrofit Replacement Color-Changing C7 LED Bulb

Scroll down to see a video of these bulbs in action.

Imaginary Colours' C7 LEDReplacement Bulbs are cool to the touch virtually unbreakable ratedfor indoor/outdoor use in approved stringers (use your own or purchaseseparately).

This bulb does a unique blending of colors.ThreeLEDs in every bulb, One Red One Green One Blue. The colors blend tomake an endless morphing combination of colors. This is a very uniquebulb. Youcould do a whole string of these bulbs or just sprinkle a few amongstyour steady-burning bulbs.??

You can combine these LED bulbs with your incandescent bulbsfor a unique look!

Imaginary Colours' premium LED bulbs are the ideal replacement for yourold incandescentbulbs. With energy savings of 85-95% these bulbs are sure to pay forthemselves in just one or two seasons' use!

Imaginary Colours' L